The Stoned Ape Meets DMT ($88 Million Fundraise Launch)

DMT Quest has decided to launch the largest fundraising campaign in the history of DMT research. There are numerous scientists in the field of endogenous DMT, exogenous DMT, and human potential research that are vastly underfunded. Therefore, we have decided to launch an $88 million campaign in order to ensure that all of the top researchers of today are able to get supported on their very important visions.

The video presentation titled, “The Stoned Ape Meet DMT” signifies the latest perspective in our evolutionary history as humans. We have outlined the various aspects of why DMT and the “Endohuasca” system is the most probable foundational cause leading to the dramatic increase in the size of our cortex. Please watch and share the video to stir up conversation and awareness of this new concept as well as the new fundraising efforts. Our fundraiser is targeted to end on 8/8/2023.

The fundraising endeavor will cover the following research projects:

University of San Diego – Dr. Jon Dean – Imaging of DMT in Humans ($18M)

University of Michigan – Dr. Jimo Borjigin – Mammalian DMT Research ($15M)

McKenna Academy – Dr. Dennis Mckenna – Advanced Symbiosis of Humans & Plants ($10M)

Society of Scientific Exploration – Dr. Bill Bengston – Human Potential Research ($12M)

University of Debrecen – Dr. Ede Frecska – Neuroprotective properties of DMT ($2M)

Alien Insect – Dr. Andrew Gallimore – Whatever Dr. Gallimore chooses ($2M)

Institute of Frontier Science – Dr. Beverly Rubik – Biophoton Mapping Project ($5M)

Luminous Education – Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan – Futuristic Curriculum Development ($5M)

National Taiwan University – Dr. Rayleigh Chiang – Alzheimer’s Eradication Project ($10M)

Citizen Science Grants – ($2M)

Documentary Series – 25 Episodes – ($5M)

Marketing & Sponsorships – ($2M)

To donate via venmo, cryptocurrency, stocks, or DAF please you this link:

Thank you in advance!


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