​DMT Quest is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is focused on raising money and awareness for endogenous DMT research. This organization operates under a strict 100% transparency code in which all fundraising generated by DMT Quest will be publicly disclosed on our website and any expenses/allocations will be publicly posted as well (in a straightforward manner). This company was created in order to solve the problem of a lack of funding for endogenous DMT research. While a psychedelic renaissance of sorts is taking place currently (2019) in which companies such as MAPS have raised upwards of nearly $50 million for exogenous psychedelic studies, the endogenous research capital has been minimal at best. Based on internet statistics, the general public appears extremely interested in the discussion and results of endogenous DMT studies.

Our mission is to create a brand that can assist in driving research funds into this specific field in order to satisfy the demands of the public and develop a greater understanding of human biology and potential. We have culminated a powerful list of advisors including Wim Hof, Dr. Jimo BorjiginDr. Dennis MckennaDr. Roland GriffithsDr. Ede FrecskaDr. Edith Ubuntu ChanDr. David LukeDr. Mauro ZappaterraDr. Andrew GallimoreDr. Jason WallachDr. Ovidiu Brazdau, and Dr. Robert Davis.

Our plan is to approach private philanthropists who have a deep interest in answering some of the biggest questions and mysteries regarding the human experience. We will operate as a “pass through” organization in which the majority of funds (80%) are dispersed to the top researchers throughout the world. The remaining 20% will be allocated to hiring a full-time fundraising team that has the expertise and experience in the field of private philanthropic fundraising. With this strategy we believe we can create a sustainable model of consistently generating a constant flow of research dollars. This will provide the much needed financial support to the research teams in order to increase the amount of endogenous DMT research studies that can be produced annually. As it stands right now less than a handful of endogenous DMT studies are produced annually while our goal is to see a minimum of 15 to 20 studies produced per year at a minimum.

In addition, we also plan to create a media platform consisting of an ongoing docuseries in order to help publicize each specific study and translate the results into terminology that resonates with the general public. As well as the docuseries… written content, interviews, and a future podcast can assist in the endeavor of spreading the results of the studies in a digestible manner. There also lies the possibility to create an endogenous DMT centric social media network for the researchers to discuss the ongoing findings and hypothesis amongst each other giving the public an inside look into scientific discussion and debate.

We hope we have presented the mission of DMT Quest in a succinct and understandable manner.

I, the founder, John Chavez believes that communication of mystical and supernormal experiences is just as important as the scientific exploration of these occurrences. There needs to be a bridge between scientific results and the ability of the general public to understand these results in a straightforward manner. In this digital age of media, I believe that a widely distributed  ongoing docuseries can provide a tool to accomplish this goal. After having operated as an independent researcher for 5 years and having written 2 books titled “Questions for the Lion Tamer: Delving into the Mystery that is DMT” and “Questions for the Lion Tamer 2: Swimming in Electric Endohuasca”, I believe that it is now time to take everything to the next level. This entire field of research has been lagging tremendously since the 1970’s financially speaking. It is embarrassing that with an annual budget of over $39 billion dollars that the NIH still refuses to allocate any amount to endogenous DMT research. One would figure that if the NIH can spend $3.2 million studying the effects of alcohol in monkeys, it can surely spend the same amount on a field that the general public is extremely interested in such as endogenous DMT. In any case, it’s been estimated that there are nearly 2,500 billionaires in the world and likely over 50,000 hundred millionaires (people with $100,000,000 or more). There is enough private funding out there collecting dust that could change this endogenous DMT research industry in a very short time frame.

Contact me at jchavez@dmtquest.org if you want to be involved in taking it to that next level.