DMT Quest is not a Movie

It is a MOVEMENT that will affect
everybody... everywhere

Fundraising Efforts + Scientific Research + Media Platform = Global Transformation
Founded in 2016, DMT Quest is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research and educational organization that focuses on discovering innate pathways to unveil the mysteries of human perception as well as potential. The mission encompasses truths so deep that they can seem “movie-like” at times. It signifies the ultimate quest for answers about life. It will comprise of a comprehensive, interdisciplinary study of the mechanisms related to and responsible for internal dimethyltryptamine (DMT) production within the human body. We believe that the significance regarding naturally produced DMT is potentially far greater than simply providing “hallucinatory” visions within the mind. A combination of transparency in terms of lab results, finances, open discussion, and the journey of the study in video documentary format (as well as audio/written) will provide the platform for the general public to comprehend the implications. For a more detailed synopsis and thought-process of DMT Quest click here.


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The advisory panel for DMT Quest will comprise of people who will contribute to the project on a part-time basis in terms of providing insights and guidance on the study’s protocols, results, and providing general input. We will be expanding the panel based on the need for expertise from a wide variety of perspectives.


John Chavez

I’m just a guy that believes that distinct changes in perception and “supernormal” abilities can be converged into a demystified conversation. Based on my experience, I do believe the world can change quickly and profoundly once the subject has been developed to it’s fullest potential. In 2019, the connectivity of inspired minds across the world will assist in creating a new conversation about what we think we know about this world and our places in it.