Questions for the Lion Tamer: Delving Into the Mystery that is DMT

This book is a compilation of articles that are available on this website for FREE! It basically covers the journey of researching the physiological commonalities of altered states of consciousness that coincide with changes in perception as well as abilities. When identifying the similarities between exogenously ingested DMT & Ayahuasca in comparison to naturally induced altered states via meditation, breathing exercises, hypnosis, and numerous other methods the results are quite intriguing. This has led me to believe that if there is a role for endogenous DMT upregulation that it likely coincides with the consistent similarities observed when measuring brain activity during these experiences. The main reason this book has been published on Amazon is in order for people who do not enjoy reading long articles in digital format and would prefer a paperback version. However, the digital format on this website (chapters found below) provides fully downloadable links to peer-reviewed studies (about 500) found throughout the book. Videos and images have also been included online in order to compliment the written content.

(Questions for the Lion Tamer was mentioned several times throughout GAIA documentaries)