Questions for the Lion Tamer 2: Swimming in Electric Endohuasca

This second edition of “Questions for the Lion Tamer” is a continuation of diving into the physiological correlates of paranormal/supernormal states. It seems as though the consistencies continue in terms of the measurable brain activity during altered states of consciousness hypothesized to coincide with upregulation of the DMT/Endohuasca system. We’ve come to the conclusion that the Endohuasca system is comprised of not only DMT, 5-MEO, Bufotenine but an array of endogenous monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI’s) as well. This provides a more comprehensive picture that the human body is essentially designed to experience the paranormal/supernormal when certain mechanisms of the body/brain are reached. This book has been published on Amazon to satisfy readers who do not enjoy extensive reading in digital format. Once again all the chapters in this book are found for free on this website (down below). Fully downloadable peer-reviewed studies are provided in the online format (about 300) in addition to videos and images provided to compliment the written content.