Dr. Ovidiu Brazdau

Hello! My research is focused on studying intentional evolution, developing the Consciousness Quotient Inventory (CQ-i), and introducing the conscious experience as a research variable in psychological assessment.

The beta version of the CQ-i was developed through 14 studies on a population of 6,800 individuals. It was released in 2008, and presented the next year at the Toward a Science of Consciousness conference. The standardized version of the CQ-i was released in 2020, using a normative sample that included 2,266 participants from 96 countries. Our researches revealed that collective conscious experiences, as explored with the CQ-i test, appear to have 15 patterns common to all of us, comprising the Consciousness Quotient model.

My entheogenic explorations are focused on understanding and navigating the high-synchrony experiences specific to endogenous and exogenous DMT. Some conclusions are included in the “Entheogenic Insights” series available online at www.consciousness-quotient.com/becoming-conscious. I researched topics such as the psychology of DMT/Ayahuasca experience, methods to access and consciously use the psychedelic visions without exogenous psychedelics, depth perception and space awareness, and the connections between DMT, microtubules, kundalini, and witnessing energy awareness.

I am currently interested in studying the high-sync experiences such as kundalini awakenings and natural ecstatic/enstatic birth, that seem to be related to endogenous DMT.