Dr. Ovidiu Brazdau

Dr. Brazdau’s research has been focused on developing the Consciousness Quotient Inventory (CQ-i) since 2005 and introducing the conscious experience as a research variable in psychological assessment. This process took some years, while he tried to ascertain a way to identify and scientifically measure the so-called “conscious skills”. The first version of the CQ-i was developed through 14 studies on a population of 6,800 individuals. It was first released in 2008, and presented in 2009 at the Toward a Science of Consciousness conference. Since then, it has been updated many times in order to become a very reliable assessment instrument.

In 2016 Dr. Brazdau decided to quit his formal academic career at the Ecological University in Bucharest, after 14 years of teaching research methodology and other topics.

Psychology of Becoming Conscious started as a theoretical framework for the CQ-i, but in time it evolved on its own path, beyond the topics included in the CQ-i. Dr. Brazdau sees it as a collection of ideas about the psychological mechanisms of human evolution.

Dr. Brazdau is also an entheogenic explorer and tries to keep his mind simple and multidimensional, at the same time. The Entheogenic Insights trilogy is a compilation of conclusions, hypotheses and field notes from his inner explorations, with and without entheogens. He claims that it’s been quite a challenge to understand what’s going on inside after the connections with ayahuasca and changa, but now considers them to be allies for navigating wildly through the gates of perception.

As a result of these experiences, authentic dance became an important part of his life, as he enjoys the transformational festivals in nature and the contact improvisation jams.

How Conscious Are You? Take the CQ-i and explore your inner experience of being conscious 

(Dr. Brazdau presents "The Consciousness Quotient")