DC Shift Reset

Transcendental Meditation, Kriya Yoga, the “Wim Hof Method”, sleep cycles, hypnosis, and a general study of the “Electric Body” have led me to devise what I call… the “DC Shift Reset”.

​(Disclaimer: The “DC Shift Reset” is not meant to replace or supplant any of the practices mentioned above. This is just a hybrid of techniques utilized with a basic explanation for the reasons to partake in them.)

There is no “magic” involved but rather a rather straight forward method of shifting cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from the lower spine into the cranial cavity, increasing CSF production, and utilizing rhythmic respiration to alter one’s biochemistry. Obviously altered EEG states, neurotransmitter/hormonal release, and DC directional changes are also in order.

Let us delve right into it.

It seems that the optimal position with which to do this practice is to sit cross legged on a semi-firm surface. The reason (in my mind) for this is two-fold: the first one is that the cross legged position seems like it has the potential to compress the lower lumbar area by squeezing the spinal cord via the leg socket/hip region pushing slightly inwards. This would be distinctly different compared to sitting with your legs straight. The cross legged position gently squeezes the lower spinal cord area which would cause CSF to rise up the spine above the leg socket region. The second reason for sitting cross legged is to alleviate the curvature at the lowest part of the spine which would increase ease of CSF flow as well. If you are incapable of sitting in the cross-legged position due to a lack of flexibility or discomfort, sitting in a chair or recliner is fine. You can even choose to try this practice while lying flat on your back if you so choose… it would simply be considered slightly less than optimal.

​(The image below is an MRI of a person lying down. Notice the position of the leg sockets when this person has their legs out straight. It seems like if this person spread their legs apart to sit cross-legged, it would have the potential to change the position of the socket/hip region to possibly push inwards. There lies the potential that the Full Lotus position takes this concept even further.)

(The image below is a side view MRI of an adult human. The red color is the CSF… you can see the noticeably greater volume of this fluid in the lower region of the body.)

(While this is not an MRI, it is a graphic simulation of what looks like increasing spinal cord width and subsequent increase in CSF volume in the lower part of the spine.)

(I’ve always wondered why all the spiritual cultures would emphasize the cross-legged sitting position when performing their rituals. Based on the understanding that DMT levels within the CSF are significantly greater than other bodily fluids, it makes sense that one would want greater accessibility to utilizing this fluid in the brain.)

Let us begin to breakdown the “DC Shift Reset”…

​The first 1/3 comprise of the following:

21 modestly deep breaths (about 75% capacity) in through the nose while exhaling through the mouth passively (50%). Follow this sequence of respiration by exhaling completely on the 21st breath and holding your breath for a count of 21. Repeat this until the first audio track has finished.

Explanation: CSF production is intimately correlated with respiration rate(more specifically inspiration). The greater the respiration rate, the greater the amount of CSF produced. Respiration rate also dictates CSF movement from the spine into the cranial cavity. The reason for the breath hold at the end of the cycle is to increase cerebral blood flow in order to increase fluid exchange at the blood brain barrier. This seems to be a key aspect of sleep’s regenerative properties in clearing out waste products from the brain. There is also the potentiality of inducing a surge in hydroxyl radicals from retention which seem to play a key role in monoamine oxidase activity suppression (which seems intimately tied to DMT experiences).

The next 1/3 comprise of the following:

Using the diagram from Dr. Robert Becker’s The Body Electric, it seems as though there are 3 main electrical points on the torso. Being that these 3 points carry the opposite charge (positive) compared to the hands/feet (negative), it seems that we can utilize our hands to “recharge” these areas.

Simply take your preferred hand and place it on each point (just below the navel, slightly above the heart, and on the forehead). Let your hand gently rest on each area for a count of 21 and move it to the next area. Breathing should be relaxed and steady throughout this time. An optional addition to this would be gently making a humming sound as you breath out.

Explanation: The electrical flow from your hand is optimizing the flow of electricity in the region of the body it is placed upon. The optimized electrical flow leads to optimized regional functioning via cell membrane regulationion balancehormone release, and gene expression. The humming sound of the out breath serves as providing a vibratory/stimulatory effect of endocrine gland secretion.

The final 1/3 minutes comprise of the following:

Take 3 deep breaths (about 90% capacity) followed by passive exhalation (40% capacity) and hold your breath after the 3rd inhalation. While you are holding your 3rd breath in, squeeze the areas in the following order: tailbone, lower abdominal muscles, higher abdominal muscles, chest, neck, and as high up as you can go. While you begin at the tailbone and work your way up the spine, you want to keep each section flexed. The reason for doing this is to raise the volume of CSF fluid from the lower lumbar “reservoir” and up into the cranial region. Once you’ve reached the flexing point up to your head, hold this for approximately 7 seconds.

Following this technique you merely keep your eyes closed, relax your breath, and visualize a slow time lapse of a flower opening in your brain region until the 3rd audio track finishes. I really can’t say why a pleasurable sensation occurs from this visualization but it just does. I’m assuming it correlates with electrical alterations which increases neural connectivity influencing dopamine surges in the brain. Do this practice once to start and as time progresses you can increase it to 3 times during the last 1/3.

Explanation: This practice focuses on moving as much CSF from the lower spinal cord and up into the brain region. As this occurs you will begin to feel increasing calmness and possibly euphoria. Some people even claim to experience even stronger effects over time.

I have provided 2 separate audio tracks at the bottom of this piece… one lasting 9 minutes (3 different tracks lasting 3 minutes each) and 21 minutes (3 different tracks lasting 7 minutes each). This will allow you to focus on the techniques without having to look at the timer. Most people seem to enjoy doing the practice in low light conditions or with their eyes closed.

Exercise and Abdominal Muscles

While there is undoubtedly a circulatory and respiratory component to exercise, from DMT Quest’s perspective it is the control of spinal column compression that is also very key. Weak abdominal muscles do not allow a person to optimally squeeze CSF up the spinal column. This is one of the reasons that holistic exercises (pull-ups, push-ups, squats/lunges) are important to build not only total body strength but core abdominal strength as well. A combination of holistic exercises plus core/abdominal strengthening exercises appear to assist the acceleration of effects from the “DC Shift Reset”.

Gastrointestinal Load

We’ve all seen people with big bellies hanging over their belts. The current medical establishment will largely state that this belly is comprised of fat deposits that have accumulated from an unhealthy lifestyle. While there is undoubtedly some truth to this… my perspective is that many of these people might be suffering from a chronic form of constipation. It doesn’t mean that they don’t shit at all… it just means that they aren’t shitting 100% of their digested meals out. Maybe they’re shitting 99.93% of each meal out… if that’s the case, years of retaining 0.07% of each meal will cause some definitive effects on their intestinal tracts and lymphatic systems. In any case, this abdominal bloating would seem to be obstructive in terms of being able to easily move CSF from the lower spine on upwards.

(Below is an MRI of a person suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease. It is my uneducated opinion that the majority of the population are chronically suffering from different levels of gastrointestinal inflammation based on poor dietary habits, poor water quality, respiration defects, and stress levels.


​It is my opinion that utilizing fasting for spiritual practices is largely beneficial as it lightens up a person’s gastrointestinal load from a volumetric and inflammatory perspective. This also coincides synergistically with distinct changes in digestive organ (liver/pancreas, stomach) function as they rest from metabolic activity. With a lower amount of food being processed in the intestinal tract (20-25 feet including small & large intestines), this affords less pressure on the spinal region above the lower lumbar. This then allows a greater ease of CSF flow upwards.

2007 study published in the Saudi Medical Journal would observe the effects of fasting on lung volume and capacity of 117 men fasting during the Muslim holiday known as Ramadan. The study noticed an increase in lung volumes and overall function from fasting.
1986 case study in the Journal of Adolescent Healthcare would observe a 14 year old boy who suffered from chronic constipation as having respiratory distress and restriction. Following the alleviation of the boy’s constipation, the normalization of his lung function returned. While this could be considered an extreme case of constipation, it might offer perspective in terms of compromised respiratory capacity (albeit less pronounced) & CSF production among the general population that suffers from gastrointestinal inflammation and disorders.A 2014 review in the International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease would discuss the observation of the relationship between obesity, diet, and lung function. The review provided numerous cases of circumstantial evidence to propose that obesity plays a definite role in lung function and volume.A 2005 study in the Scandinavian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation observed a significant presence of bufotenine (5-HO-DMT) in stool samples. The researchers suggest that fecal bufotenine originates from intestinal glandular epithelial cells which are rich in serotonin and indolethylamine-N-methyltransferase (INMT) (the enzyme that converts tryptamine to DMT). Perhaps fasting allows the body to retain and reintegrate greater levels of bufotenine which subsequently lead to “mystical” experiences?

(You ideally want to control spinal compression from the bottom on the way up. If you have compression above the bottom (from intestinal inflammation), it makes it that much more difficult to move CSF above this point.)

​A method of alleviating this intestinal load is as follows:


Vitamin C

Psyllium Husk

Organic Apples (Preferably Green)

Purified Water (Distilled, Reverse Osmosis, Spring Water)

(Caution: You will need to be close to a toilet during the “Vitamin C flush” process as you will need to defecate multiple times. It varies depending on the person but allocate a 2-3 hours for this process just in case. As always… consult with your trusted healthcare practitioner prior to engaging in any of these recommended activities.)

Step #1: Upon waking mix 1 heaping tablespoon (not teaspoon) of Vitamin C powder and mix it with 16 ounces of purified water. Drink half of it (8 ounces) immediately and sip the rest over the course of 30 minutes. This will act as a laxative that will cause numerous bowel movements.

(If you cannot do this prior to your work day, you can utilize the Vitamin C flush when you get home from work but only if you have fasted during the day or ingested a juice/liquid diet. You don’t want partially digested hamburgers floating around in your digestive tract.)

Step #2: Following the succession of bowel movements, mix 2 heaping tablespoons of psyllium husk with 16 ounces of purified water. Drink this entire mixture within 2 minutes of mixing it.

Step #3: Throughout the rest of the day and evening you can eat organic apples (chew them well) as well as additional servings of psyllium husk mixed in water.

Continue this diet for 48 hours.

Following this 48 hour apple/psyllium diet, do another Vitamin C flush on the following morning (3rd day). At this point following your second digestive purge your intestinal load should have been decreased somewhat. It’s up to you if you would like to partake in a water or juice fast following this process. I’ve experienced and heard many anecdotal claims that fasting following a digestive purge is one of the quickest ways to increase one’s “spiritual energy”. Whether this energy coincides with greater levels of DMT, MAO inhibition, or electrical changes in the body have yet to be determined but based on the info presented on DMT Quest thus far… it definitely seems plausible.

(In the morning following the flush, for those concerned about any kidney strain due to the Vitamin C ingestion, you can take 1 level teaspoon (not tablespoon) of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in 12 ounces of purified water upon waking.)

Tips and Tricks

Stretching the body in terms of Yogic origins seem to be based on cortical homunculus which is a neurological “map” of the anatomical divisions of the body. It is the theory that every neuron in the brain has a physical “pixel” somewhere in the body. Stretching and contorting the body in a vast array of positions would seem to play key roles in changing some the neural structures in the brain by alleviating stress points throughout the vessel. While I won’t go into details about how many stretches to utilize I will touch upon two that seem pertinent.

(Cortical Homunculus Drawing)

The first one is the “spinal twist” stretch where you lay flat on your back with your arms out to the side. You lift your right knee to your chest and then rotate that knee to the ground on the left side of your body while keeping your arms and shoulders flat on the ground. Hold this position for 20 seconds while taking full deep breaths. Repeat this process with your left knee rotating to the right side of your body. This stretch will alleviate any tension in your lower and middle back that might cause blockages in CSF upward flow.

The second one is the “cannonball” stretch. You lie on your back and bring your knees up to your chest. Wrap your arms around your shins and grab your wrist with the opposite hand to pull your legs in tighter as your back stretches. This will elongate your spine and offer some elasticity prior to the DC shift reset.


The “Tongue Lock” can be played with during the final 7 minutes of the “21 Minute Reset”. It comprises of closing your mouth, relaxing the tongue and placing the the tip of the tongue on the back of the upper teeth. Press the rest of the tongue against the roof of the mouth creating a suction cup effect. Open your lower jaw and allow the tongue to slide backwards alongside the roof of your mouth. If done properly you should feel a suction-cup like effect with the tongue and the roof of the mouth. Continue allowing the tip of the tongue to continue sliding backwards. At this point you might feel some sensations in your tongue. You can continue this practice until your tongue slides behind the Uvula and into your nasal cavity.


Sungazing is the practice of relaxing your eyes and looking directly at the sun precisely at sunrise or sunset hours. During this time frame the UV index is measured to be very close to zero. This would theoretically alleviate any of the detrimental effects of looking at the sun. Obviously it is clear that you should utilize your own discretion when doing so and if you feel any pain or discomfort use common sense and stop the practice. From my own experience it seems as though maintaining a relaxed gaze and a relaxed mind play a key role in allowing you to effectively look at the sun without any harmful effects or discomfort. Squinting or looking “hard” at the sun is not encouraged at all.

(In a YouTube video named Sungazing DocumentaryDr. Fred Travis, the Director of the Center for Brain, Consciousness, and Cognition at Maharishi University of Management would perform an EEG analysis of the film producer while Sungazing. He compared the brain activity of the subject looking at a tree vs. looking at the sun. The results showcased greater brain coherence when Sungazing as well as significantly higher Theta & Gamma activity. This footage can be seen here. The subject of the documentary would then submit himself to an eye exam at the University of Iowa Hospital & Clinics following his sungazing experiment. Dr. Christopher Watts and Dr. Tim Johnson were the physicians who examined him and found no evidence of eye damage.)I hope this summary offers some perspective on practices that have largely been deemed mysterious by the western world. While meditation and yoga are now being considered as integral parts of wellness programs, sometimes it helps the “left-brained” folks (such as myself sometimes) to understand why they are doing things such as sitting cross legged and breathing rhythmically. Just a side note… you do not have to listen to the music while engaging in these exercises and you do not have to adhere to the strict number counts I provided. These are just general parameters that can be followed and have been provided to assist those in a time crunch or beginner meditators.

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(You can download the 9 Minute Audio Track and the 21 Minute Audio Track for ease of use without an internet connection.)