DMT, Melatonin, & “Miracles”

This is the original piece that piqued my curiosity regarding the reliable mechanisms of internal visionary experiences and possibly endogenous DMT upregulation. The chemistry is flawed but the mechanisms are reliable which led towards the path of further discovery (gamma wave correlation, oscillatory coupling, respiratory effects on oscillations & CSF production, systemic changes based on EEG alterations/circadian rhythms) in the following years.

DMT (Dimethyltryptamine): C12H16N2

Melatonin: C13H16N2O2

The difference in molecular structure between both compounds is one atom of Carbon and two atoms of Oxygen. This would equate to one molecule of Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

In essence… DMT + CO2 = Melatonin

Melatonin is largely known as a hormone that regulates our sleep patterns as well as exuding powerful anti-oxidant capabilities. DMT on the other hand is commonly or not so commonly known as the #1 most powerful psychedelic compound known to man.

It is well documented that Melatonin is produced by the Pineal Gland which is located in the middle of the head. The Pineal Gland is not isolated from the body by the blood-brain barrier but rather exudes a very high blood flow rate only second to the kidneys. Melatonin production is largely believed to be regulated based on the amount of light detected by the retina of the eye. The less light in the environment the higher amount of Melatonin is produced and subsequently released into the bloodstream. During the daytime, Melatonin secretions are usually very low due to the brightness of the daylight.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels in the bloodstream are based on breathing patterns, air composition, the metabolism of food, and the activity level of the muscles/body . The act of hyperventilation (rapid and/or deep breathing) causes severe drops in the levels of Carbon Dioxide in the blood known as Hypocapnia. The opposite of hyperventilation known as hypoventilation (shallow breathing) causes drastic increases in the levels of Carbon Dioxide in the blood known as Hypercapnia. The metabolism of food requires oxygen and produces Carbon Dioxide as a combustion/waste product which is excreted in the out breath. The more food that is metabolized, the more Carbon Dioxide is produced and enters the bloodstream. During exercise, energy production in the muscle increases which results in CO2 being released into the bloodstream. (Interestingly enough, during extremely severe exercise CO2 levels decrease for short durations.)

The question that arises is that if CO2 is the only substance that differentiates Melatonin and DMT, would inducing low CO2 levels in the blood cause DMT to be produced rather than Melatonin? Or is it that the Pineal Gland produces DMT and due to Carbon Dioxide levels in the bloodstream, Melatonin is produced from the the CO2 molecules simply attaching themselves to the DMT molecule? Or could it simply be related to elevated pH levels from Alkalosis leading to a cascade of cellular/enzymatic switches taking place leading to the conversion of Melatonin to DMT?

Another pertinent question is in regards to breathing patterns when we sleep. Why is it that when we are in deep sleep, we have moments in which we breathe much more deeply and frequently than we would if we were awake and laying down? It’s a mechanism that isn’t consciously controlled. People that snore aren’t always aware that they snore as it is a byproduct of their breathing patterns and posture while asleep.

The next question is what are the CO2 levels in the bloodstream while we are in a state of deep sleep and snoring violently away? It’s obvious that we are engaged in a variation of rapid, deep breathing compared to our normal breathing patterns. Would this equate to CO2 levels dropping severely during these moments due to a variation of hyperventilation?

An interesting facet of Melatonin production is that it happens to peak during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep which is considered to be the deepest type of sleep pattern. This usually occurs in the following brain wave states in descending order: Alpha, Theta, and Delta. Much of the deepest breathing and snoring will take place in the Theta state. During the Delta state and REM sleep, dreaming occurs with the most vivid dreams taking place during REM.

The question that now arises is if the deep, rapid breathing pattern during the Theta state in fact alters your CO2 levels to abnormally low levels in conjunction with increasing DMT molecules being secreted from the Pineal Gland into the bloodstream, does that equate to not enough CO2 in the bloodstream to bind to all the DMT molecules being produced? If so, is that the reason for dreams taking place as a few unbound DMT molecules are released into the bloodstream and brain in addition to the Melatonin molecules that have formed? Is there any coincidence that the following three key aspects take place all at the same time frame: peak Melatonin production (3am), lowest CO2 levels in the bloodstream, and the most vivid dreams of the night.

A simple mathematical example would be as such:

During waking hours you produce very small amounts of DMT due to the bright light sources. Let’s call this 50 units of DMT per hour on average.

As we tend to be busy throughout the day, we tend to breath rather shallow and “unrelaxed”. We also are constantly metabolizing food we eat. This would equate to a CO2 level of 1,000 units per hour on average.

This would lead to 50 units of Melatonin being produced with 950 units of excess Carbon Dioxide that release through the out breath of the lungs.

Once we leave our busy workday and the sun starts to set, let’s say that our DMT production increases to 200 units per hour. As we begin to relax and unwind, our breathing pattern deepens slightly and our CO2 levels drop to 700 units per hour. This would equate to 200 units of Melatonin being produced with 500 units of excess Carbon Dioxide.

As we begin to sleep, our DMT production increases to 400 units per hour. As our body relaxes completely and our breathing begins to deepen, our CO2 levels drop to 500 units per hour. This would equate to 400 units of Melatonin being produced with 100 units of excess Carbon Dioxide.

During our snoring stage or Theta stage of sleep our DMT production increases to 600 units per hour. As we breathe deep and rapidly, our CO2 levels drop to 400 units per hour. This equates to 400 units of Melatonin being produced with an excess of 200 units of DMT. Our light dream state would begin to emerge during this period.

During our deepest stage of sleep which would be REM our DMT production increases to 1000 units per hour. As our breath returns to a relaxed but somewhat normal state, our CO2 levels stabilize to 600 units per hour. This equates to 600 units of Melatonin being produced with an excess of 400 units of DMT. During this time we would experience our most vivid dreams of the night.

Is this a possible scenario as to what is taking place when we dream?

It sounds plausible when looked at in such a simplistic fashion but now is the time to test the theory utilizing blood tests, EEG meters, and careful observation. It’s a rather simple and straightforward theory to test.

The importance of this has to do with the power of the mind and the ability to access it’s full potential during carefully induced waking states. For instance, if shallow breathing, digesting food, exercise/movement, and bright sunlight suppress DMT production while increasing the CO2 levels in the blood, it would make sense that the opposite environment would suppress CO2 levels while increasing DMT production.

This scenario would include an extremely dark environment, deep/rapid breathing exercises, stillness of the body, and abstaining from food. In addition to this, a brain wave state that is conducive to increased DMT production would be optimal while still being able to remain in waking consciousness. Most likely this would take place during Alpha (very light sleep) and Theta (medium sleep) brainwave states. In order to reach these brain wave states, one would need to find a way to calm the mind consciously. This could include practices such as meditation, guided meditations, quiet stillness, self-hypnosis, guided hypnosis, or Binaural Beats.

It is a bit ironic that the majority of historical and modern day mystics claim to need an eerily similar environment to access their various realms of consciousness and paranormal experiences. It is also quite interesting that after long, strenuous running, many athletes claim to have a feeling of euphoria known as “Runner’s High”. Is it a coincidence that they just so happen to have CO2 levels depleted at this time?

The importance in all of this comes to the aspect of “Miracles” and deciphering the necessary components for them to occur. In essence it’s the demystification of “Miracles” which would lead them to eventually be labeled as a mechanism rather than an unexplained phenomenon.

There have been many documented and undocumented cases of spontaneous healing from chronic illnesses during “altered states”. The book titled “The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the the Foundation of Life” from Dr. Robert Becker outlines the underlying electrical component of limb regeneration in Salamanders. He also goes into great detail in various studies regarding the electrical aspect of the human body and how it affects our well being. There has been much correlation regarding abnormally low electrical cellular voltage measurements and chronic disease. There has also been much correlation regarding abnormally high electrical voltage measurements and robust health in addition to abnormal phenomena.

It would appear to me that an interesting study would also measure the electrical conduction taking place in the brain during “regression” hypnotherapy involving extremely deep, hypnotic states. It is generally understood that alkalosis (higher pH levels) via hyperventilation lowers Ca2+ (Calcium Ions) levels in the brain. The lower Ca2+ levels increases the potential for increased electrical conductivity. Some regression hypnotherapy sessions can last for 5 to 7 hours and induce a sustained deep Theta brainwave state. A good number of hypnotherapists have reported unexplained phenomena during these types of sessions including spontaneous healing of disease, vivid recollection of “past lives”, and other “altered states”.

In the well read, prestigious scientific journal “Science”, a paper was published in 2009 summarizing the effects of DMT on voltage-gated sodium ion (Na+) channels

Is there a correlation between DMT, body voltage, brain wave states, and the occurrence of “miracles”?

Is there a way to bio-hack these “miracles” into our everyday lives by tapping into our internal faculties?

Based on the basic principles I’ve outlined it appears that there might be a potential to do so. It’s a bit funny that the average lifestyle of the morning alarm clock, rushing to work, scarfing down food, working 12 hour days, helping the kids with homework, and watching television several hours at night before jumping in bed would seem the complete opposite of the environment needed to tap into these faculties. It’s definitely a damn near impossibility to tap into these miraculous faculties living the way society does so yes… to the majority of people, some basic “miraculous” functions are impossible and do not appear to exist.

We are addicted to being busy, thinking, and doing… sometimes mindlessly.

That’s great for the material driven world but not so great if you would like to tap into the magic that lives inside us internally… chemically… and soon to be… scientifically, it is simply inevitable at this point in time.

There are simply too many similar and undeniable correlations between our experiences during vivid dreams, lucid dreams, exterior DMT administration states, sensory deprivation tanks, deep hypnotic regression, deep trance like states, NDE’s (near death experiences), and OBE’s (out of body experiences) to simply ignore. There has to be a physiological pathway that connects all of these experiences together in a way that modern science has yet to explain but will undoubtedly tackle in the future.
You can’t force it to be something it’s not but you simply cannot shrug your shoulders and deny it’s existence. That’s not the scientific way.

PS. As long as you do not put your life in immediate direct danger, I say the best way to test some basic theories is to try them out for yourself.

In order to give yourself the best chance to test this theory of DMT production and Carbon Dioxide levels I would do the following:

Begin a 4 day fasting period. Usually the first 2 days are the most difficult but once you are at day 3, that gnawing psychological and physical pain of not eating usually begins to subside. By the 4th day many people report an extreme sense of well being.

Whenever you reach that point of digestive emptiness, I would suggest beginning your session of DMT production that same evening as soon as the sun sets. Turn off all electronics and lights in the house or room. If possible, use blackout curtains in order to block out even the external light. You basically want a cave-like environment in order to give your Pineal Gland the optimal environment to produce DMT or Melatonin or whatever the hell it really does.

Next you would buy a comfortable eye mask to block out any light whatsoever from your eyes. Remember, using an eye mask in a bright room won’t work because your skin can still sense the light source which wouldn’t optimize your Pineal Gland activity.
Next you could find an Alpha Binaural Beat to listen to on YouTube. Comfortable headphones are necessary for this. Make sure the headphones don’t squeeze your head too much as you want as minimal physical sensation as possible. Wear as loose of clothing as possible. You can lie down but you risk the chance of just passing out from relaxation.

If the Alpha Binaural beat lasts for 30 to 45 minutes, follow it up with a Theta Binaural Beat on YouTube. If possible download both audio tracks and automate it so they will both play after the other in order to avoid disrupting yourself during this time period. During this time you should focus on taking deep breaths through your nose while exhaling out of your mouth. You can also add a guided meditation coupled with Binaural beats after these two sessions.

An alternative to this scenario would be instead of starting at sunset, you would sleep at 9pm and set a gentle alarm at 3am. Since you are already at the peak of DMT/Melatonin production during this time, you can theoretically more easily reach an “altered” conscious state rather quickly. Just make sure to create the same environment as listed above and focus on deep breathing as well as the audio track your are listening to.

Keep your expectations low and a passive focus on breathing deep and relaxing.

PPS. An ancient practice called “Sun-Gazing” has become rather popular in recent times. It comprises of staring directly at the sun at both sunrise and sunset. Only during these time periods should “sun-gazing” be practiced and a maximum time frame of 45 minutes at a time. Some theorize that this practice helps “activate” the pineal gland and even increases it’s size. Whether this is even true has yet to be “scientifically” verified but there are many testimonials online and there does happen to be 6.3 million (A 3 million fan increase from 16 months ago) Facebook Followers for the Sun Gazing Page. This doesn’t make it true but if it doesn’t hurt you, why not find out for yourself?

It would be something quite special if “sun-gazing” does in fact increase the size of your pineal gland which then equates to an even higher level of DMT produced by it.

Maybe I will do it in that exact fashion… “Sun Gaze” for 21 days straight, fast for the last 4 days and attempt to see what is the truth behind this DMT/Melatonin/CO2 puzzle. If nothing pans out, I can give up or try 42 days of “Sun Gazing” and fast for 5 days straight. Science doesn’t give up after one experiment… it continues trying to explain the unexplainable while coming up with a replicable protocol to do so.
It will happen.
(Edited final note: It is also quite striking that people labeled as “schizophrenics” have abnormally low CO2 levels in their blood. Dr. Ladislas J. Meduna, a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago published a book in 1950 titled “Carbon Dioxide Therapy. The Neurophysiological Treatment of Nervous Disorders”. It appears that he had some success in treating “schizophrenics” with this therapy with some curiously similar “phenomena” side effects as described above in this blog post.“Modern” science has become quite adept at the labeling of illnesses especially those that are considered psychological by nature. Not all mental “illness” is viewed as such by people of different perspectives & cultures.

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