DMT Quest Documentary now available on YouTube!

The initial DMT Quest documentary is now available for free on YouTube for viewing. The film is focused on presenting the ground-breaking discovery by Dr. Jon Dean in 2019 regarding his research publication titled, “Biosynthesis and Extracellular Concentrations of N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT) in Mammalian Brain“. In this paper, Dr. Dean presents his findings that DMT is observed to be at similar concentrations of to that of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine in the extracellular fluid of live mammals. Dean also found that the two key enzymes (INMT/AADC) necessary for the production of DMT were found in rats as well as human brain tissue. These two findings change the perspective of endogenous DMT altogether from a chemical likely only released during mystical states to a chemical that modulates waking reality as well as possibly being upregulated during mystical states.

The documentary also features appearances of 26 Guinness World Record Holder Wim Hof in which he discusses his theory of what role endogenous DMT plays in the human body. Cerebrospinal fluid expert, Dr. Mauro Zappaterra offers commentary on the finding that the location of the enzymes for DMT synthesis were found at the precise region of the brain where cerebrospinal fluid is produced. In addition, a Wim Hof Method instructor named Miles Lukas undergoes an EEG reading following 20 minutes of WHM breathwork.

Additional appearances from Dr. Dennis Mckenna, Dr. Rick Strassman, and PhD candidate Nicolas Glynos offer added insights into the field of DMT research, the implications, and what is needed to further develop a proper understanding of endogenous DMT in the mammalian system.

Feel free to watch the documentary found down below or click here to watch on YouTube.

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