Telekinesis, DMT, & a HUGE Gamma Spike

The recent focus of DMT Quest has been to speculate on the various synchronous layers of the body that coincide with altered states of consciousness. In fact, we’d venture to state that these are not altered states at all but rather enhanced states of consciousness.

In the piece Telepathic Training Wheels we delved into the projected mechanisms of how telepathic transfer occurs relating to expansion of the electric/magnetic field based on increased oscillatory activity and biochemical Endohuasca upregulation. Up until recent times, we hadn’t come across any data regarding the elusive ability known as “telekinesis”.

Telekinesis is formally classified as “the psychic ability allowing a person to influence a physical system without physical interaction”. At it’s most basic, it is the ability of a person to move an object by utilizing thought alone. While mainstream science will dismiss the notion altogether as being an impossibility… they will accept the reality of all the biochemical components of the Endohuasca system, electrical oscillations of the brain, the magnetic field of the heart, and data derived from an electroencephalogram (EEG) utilized to record brain activity.

In the Gamma Wave series here at DMT Quest, we outlined what appears to be a consistency of “supernormal” occurrences that coincide with increases in gamma amplitude. We also found it quite intriguing that exogenous forms of DMT as well as Ayahuasca both induced significant increases in gamma waves that appeared synchronous with the visionary experiences. In addition to gamma activity, we believe that a rubber band effect takes place based on an increase in slow wave (Theta/Delta) that occurs prior to and simultaneously with the rise in gamma waves.

Last week we came across a few YouTube videos of Stan Lee’s Superhumans series that originally ran on the History Channel in 2010. While most of the videos were more entertaining rather than educational, there was one video that caught my attention. It was a video of a purported display of telekinesis. However, the most important aspect of the video was the fact that the subject displayed his ability while having an EEG device record his brain activity during the occurrence.

Dr. Thomas Brod’s office would host the event while Bill Scott would administer the EEG equipment. In 2011, Dr. Brod would present the data at the annual meeting of the International Society for Neurofeedback Research. He titled his abstract, Asymmetric Frontal Gamma & High Beta During a Telekinesis “Demonstration. It was observed that prior to the telekinesis, the subject’s brain activity checked out as a normal baseline. However, during the actual moment of telekinesis there was a gamma wave measurement of nearly 400 Hz.

Scott the administrator would comment on the findings by stating, “It’s about twice as high (a gamma wave) as a someone would have if they were having a seizure. I’ve never seen anything like it.”


(The EEG segment of the clip starts at 11:00)

Dr. Brod was very tempered in his write-up stating that the findings do not prove the existence of telekinesis. He also noted that the majority of the activity was taking place in the left frontal part of the brain. In addition to the spike in gamma waves was “even more elevation in the Theta region of the EEG”. Brod concluded that the data was accurate as “artifacts from an electromagnetic generator or from physical movement should have shown up equally in both the left and right EEG channels”.

The findings were not too surprising to us being that most of the scientifically established altered states including moments of lucid dream sleep and feats by Wim Hof Method practitioners seem to include synchronous activity between both theta and gamma bands. The one thing that definitely caught our attention was the 400 Hz measurement of the gamma spike. Most of the gamma wave activity across the other altered states (DMT, Ayahuasca, hypnosis, meditation) hovered in the 40 Hz range (although REM sleep spikes above 200 Hz have been observed). It was great to see this segment caught on video in addition to the brief write-up. We believe that the theta wave surge and 400 hz gamma spike signified a deep/fast oscillation coinciding with a timely expansion of the subject’s field. This would not be too different than the mechanisms we’ve cited from inductive charging (wireless charging). Once the field expanded far enough outside of the body and within the range of the object, the intention of moving the object manifested. It seems as though intent originating in the brain can be carried outside of the body via some sort of wave. We’ve speculated offline that the slow waves (theta/delta) act as the amplifier extending outside of the physical body and the gamma wave acts as the intent/information.

A future follow-up study that might provide some value is a sensitive, real-time blood analysis as telekinesis is occurring. While it would prove quite difficult (if damn near impossible), it wouldn’t be overly surprising to see some upregulation of the Endohuasca system during and following the burst of telekinesis. However, significant measurable changes involving venous blood based on split second bursts in the brain is not very promising. It’s extremely fascinating to speculate that a small targeted burst of DMT release in the brain could possibly coincide with this brain activity and subsequent effect. Leading DMT researcher Dr. Nick Cozzi has a hypothesis that there are 2 phases of DMT in the brain… the loading phase (into the neuron or synthesized in the neuron) and the activation phase (release from the neuron via depolarization). We believe that the loading phase of DMT coincides with increases in slow wave amplitude while the activation phase signifies a fast wave. Additional data can be derived using a magnetoencephalography (MEG) to monitor fluctuations in the brain’s magnetic field (although current MEGs seem to cumbersome to the visual acuity of the person). In 2017, the journal Scientific Reports published a study that observed significantly enhanced signal diversity in human subjects using MEG measurement after having ingesting psychedelic compounds psilocybin, LSD, and Ketamine on separate occasions. Whether this type of upregulation of signal diversity would also take place during moments of telekinesis has yet to be determined. Other devices such as superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) and biophoton emission measurement can be utilized to measure additional externalized data points that coincide with the occurrence of telekinesis.

(Addition: A DMT Quest reader commented on Facebook correctly stating that energy emitted from a person during telekinetic experiments would be more likely to be measurable at the microvolt or nanovolt range rather than millivolts. This would coincide with documentation found in the book The Body Electric” by Dr. Robert O. Becker where greater regenerative abilities of limbs occurred from lower level electrical stimulation rather than higher. It might seem counter intuitive to some but the natural world has a way mystifying itself and in this case… less appears to be more.)

(Graph 2. from a 1972 study published in the Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine)

At some point… the intelligent scientists of the world will accept the notion that “supernormal” abilities such as telepathy and telekinesis are part of our reality. Obviously these abilities aren’t easily replicated by the average westerner living the average westerner life. However, that is hardly an excuse to deny their existence altogether. While telekinesis hardly serves much purpose in terms of moving objects when you are capable of accomplishing the same task with your hands, it might offer some insight into how concepts such as spontaneous healing take place. At some point, the general mechanisms of how they transpire will be deciphered but let it be known… there is no one specific aspect that leads to them happening. There are many layers of the body (and possibly our environment as well) working in tandem to create this magic. We can only identify as many of them as we can to paint a picture that allows us to be comforted thinking we know something…

(Below is another segment of Stan Lee’s Superhumans showcasing a Japanese Qigong master utilizing what seems to be a visualization exercise to put animals to sleep from a distance. It would be great to see more of these feats done with an EEG mapping. At some point it’d be interesting (and mildly amusing) to see some of these subjects that have “supernormal” abilities be exposed to a traditional western lifestyle and diet for a predetermined time. Force them to commute for an hour a day, work 10 hours at a desk job, drink beer, eat hotdogs constantly, and glue their faces to a blue screen. If they were barred from practicing any of their spiritual practices I would venture to speculate that their abilities might wane under these obviously suboptimal environments.)

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