Telepathic Training Wheels

In conversing with dozens of people who practice a form of the meditative, breathing exercise known as the “Wim Hof Method” (WHM)… one particular ability has caught my attention. Many of these practitioners have developed the capacity to willfully influence the temperature of their body via what seems to be intent and/or visualization. A 2014 study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences observed the ability of Wim Hof and a group of practitioners as being capable of willfully influencing their autonomic nervous systems. Being that the autonomic nervous system is directly related to maintaining the body’s core internal temperature (thermoregulation), the ability of conscious temperature manipulation comes as no surprise.

Some WHMers have also stated that they can induce temperature changes in specific limbs or body parts. This is intriguing as it seems as though they have found the ability to tap into their brains (possibly specific neurons or set of neurons) to induce very distinct, directional electrical signaling within the body.


In addition to the WHM, there are numerous studies showing that hypnosis also allows a person to influence aspects of their parasympathetic/autonomic nervous system: (American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis (1970), International Journal of Clinical Experimental Hypnosis (1994), Brain Research Bulletin (2000),  Neuropsychobiology  (2009), Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing (2010), & the  International Journal of Clinical Experimental Hypnosis (2013)).

In what might be considered an “oldie” but still pertinent to the discussion… a 1964 study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology observed the modification of thermoregulatory responses to cold by hypnosis. This coincides with altered activity of the autonomic/parasympathetic nervous system.

2009 study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences would observe the biological effects of short-term meditation. It was noted that there were measurable changes in the autonomic nervous system function from meditation. Similar alterations in autonomic activity were observed in a 2005 study published in the International Journal of Psychophysiology.

In 2016, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences would publish a study showcasing increased activity in the autonomic nervous system during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep promoting memory consolidation. As we’ve covered some of the similarities between the “WHM” and respiratory fluctuations in sleep cycles, it is little surprise that autonomic activity is altered during REM sleep. Further showcasing the effects of respiratory rhythm on autonomic function is a 1995 study in the journal Gut. This study observed changes in colonic function from altered autonomic activity induced by hyperventilating for 5 to 15 minutes.

(A 2011 write-up in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences cites multiple experimental studies alluding to an intimate relationship between the placebo effect and the autonomic nervous system.)

While normally DMT Quest attempts to speculate on the mechanisms of how “supernormal” abilities transpire, at this point we will jump right into the “technique” part of telepathy. You don’t have to believe that it exists… you can merely experience it firsthand and then deduce the truth for yourself. I don’t happen to consider it “magic” but rather a distinct change in the electric/electromagnetic capacity of the body and brain during these moments of thought transference.

The one thing that you must be capable of prior to engaging in this practice is the ability to influence your autonomic nervous system consciously to warm or heat up your left or right hand via intent/visualization (it could also be your right or left foot). You can utilize whatever technique you feel most comfortable to induce the altered state including WHM, hypnosis/self-hypnosis, meditation, or something else altogether. Many people describe “tingling” or “electrical sensations” running down their arm as their hand begins to heat up via the visualization. After a short period of time (3-5 minutes), it’s been described that the hand feels distinctly warm compared to the opposite hand that did not receive the visualization. If you are so inclined, you can purchase an infrared thermometer to verify that the visualized hand is indeed measurably warmer compared to the non-visualized hand.

(If you currently don’t practice any specific form of meditation/hypnosis, you can merely engage in rhythmic breathing cycles (80-90 breaths) followed by breath retention (1-2 minutes) for roughly 20 minutes. The reason for doing the sustained rhythmic breathing is in order to increase slow wave (Theta/Delta) amplitude. Once 20 minutes has passed… stop and resume a more normal breathing pattern while visualizing your body from a holographic/electrical perspective with your eyes closed (as provided down below). Once you feel as though you can vividly, visualize your body in this form… imagine sending an electric current from your brain down to your preferred hand. The more vivid you can visualize this taking place, the greater the measurable physical effect will be.)


Once you have developed the ability to warm an individual hand at will… I speculate that you now have developed the mind control, visualization ability, autonomic nervous system influence, and the necessary neural pathway to engage in successful telepathic transference.

However, let us be as methodical as possible in order to get comfortable with the process and concept.

Since telepathy takes place with 2 people, you will need a willing partner to participate in this.

Step 1. Have your partner take a seat in a chair and have them close their eyes. You can stand directly in front of them. Take the index finger and middle finger of the hand you choose to warm and place it gently on the forehead of your partner. Next, visualize your entire hand getting warmer utilizing your preferred technique.

Step 2. Once your hand begins to generate the sensation of warmth, continue sending that signal until your partner signals to you that they can feel the heat sensation on their forehead by raising their right hand. Some people will not only feel warmth on their forehead from this but they’ll also feel pressure and/or sensations that mimic rapid eye movement (REM)/eye fluttering.

Step 3. Next, take a 5 minute break. Once the break is over proceed to do the same exact technique except instead of placing your two fingers physically on your partner’s forehead, place your fingers 3 inches in front of their forehead. Once you’ve visualized the signal to warm your hand, extend the warmth/signal to continue past your two fingers and onto the forehead of your partner. You can imagine the electric current generating some sort of field that extends past your entire hand.
Step 4. Once again… have your partner raise their right hand to indicate when they feel sensations similar to what they felt when you had your fingers physically touching their forehead (warmth, pressure/tingling, eye fluttering).

Step 5. Next, take another 5 minute break. Once the break is over do the same exact technique you practiced just prior but instead place your fingers 12 inches away from your partners forehead and visualize your electric field stretching past your fingertips and into their forehead.


Step 6. Continue doing these types of exercises until you can reliably create the sensation of warmth, pressure, and/or REM/eye flutter for your partner at a distance of 5 to 6 feet.

(Now we’ll take a look at the possible mechanisms of “telepathic” transfer and finish up the “training wheels” protocol at the end of the piece.)

At this point it should be quite clear to you and your partner that your visualization/intent can extend past your physical body and through the air. This is why I refer to the concept of wireless charging formally named “inductive charging”. This form of charging electronic devices is based on utilizing an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects through electromagnetic induction. This process would normally take place through wires physically connecting the devices.

(This video provides a concise description of wireless charging)


The video states: “The coils that WiTricity uses to transfer power wirelessly are magnetic resonators. First… a rapidly oscillating electric current is applied to a coil at a specific resonant frequency. This creates a magnetic field in the region around the coil. Tune a second coil to the same resonant frequency as the source and it will couple resonating anywhere within that region and converting the oscillating magnetic field into an electrical current within the second coil. This response is called highly coupled magnetic resonance.”

Dr. Rhett Allain an Associate Professor of Physics at North Carolina University would publish a similar explanation of the basic physics of wireless charging in Wired magazine: “The wireless chargers don’t have magnets in them. If you place a wire with current over a magnetic compass you can see that these currents also make magnetic fields. If you replace a moving magnet with a wire that has alternating current, you are all set. The changing electric current in one wire makes a changing magnetic field. This changing magnetic field then induces an electric current in another loop. Also, the more loops you have (in both coils of wires) the greater the effect. Here is simplest version of wireless charging. On the bottom is a huge coil of wire. This wire is then attached to a household style plug. Yes, it’s just a loop of wire with a plug on the end. When you plug this thing into the outlet, electric current runs through the wire. All the outlets in your house have alternating current. This means the current oscillates with a 60 Hz frequency and provides the changing current needed to make a changing magnetic field.”

It would seem that if we are to rationally postulate as to the mechanisms with which telepathic transfer (and any “energy” transfer for that matter) among humans occurs… we would need to look at the potential similarities between the electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic properties of the brain in comparison to that of wireless charging mechanisms and devices. The one constant that seems straight forward is that wireless charging utilizes oscillating/alternating electric currents to generate a magnetic field.

As we’ve covered quite extensively thus far at DMT Quest, the DC (direct current) directional change in the brain seems to coincide with altered states of consciousness. As polarity changes in the brain, it shifts the electrical current direction throughout the body as well.

(Brain DC Current image from “The Body Electric”)

(Body DC Current Change)


(Excerpt from The Body Electric explaining brain DC shift:)

“Charlie, Howard, and I decided to find out how the brain’s DC (direct current) potentials behaved in humans. The electrodes we’d been using on salamanders couldn’t be scaled up for people, but within a week Charlie invented some that would give us equally precise readings from the human head. We immediately found that the back-to-front current varied with changes in consciousness just as in the salamanders. It was strongest during heightened physical or mental activity, it declined during rest, and it reversed direction in both normal sleep and anesthesia. This knowledge led directly to the experiments, described in Chapter 13, that taught us much about how hypnosis and pain perception work.”

“One of the most exciting results of my collaboration with Dr. Friedman was proof that one’s state of waking consciousness could change the perception of pain. Friedman, who already used hypnosis to control chronic pain in his patients, gave several of his best subjects hypnotic suggestions of arm numbness deep enough that they couldn’t feel the prick of a needle. In each case, I found that the frontal negative potential of the head became less negative, often reaching zero, as the client attained deep trance. The reading changed in the same direction as in anesthesia, only not as far. Then, when the suggestion for pain control was given, the arm potential reversed just as it had in response to procaine. Conversely, when a control subject was asked in normal waking consciousness to concentrate forcefully on one arm, its sensitivity to pain increased, and the hand potential became more negative. We found we could use this difference to determine whether a person was really hypnotized or just cooperating.” – Dr. Robert O. Becker author of “The Body Electric”

It’s intriguing to note Dr. Becker’s comments regarding the changes in the brain’s back to front current based on levels of consciousness. During extreme focus (fast EEG waves) the frontal potential correlates with a strong negative reading while the back of the head potential goes positive. During sleep (slow EEG waves) the frontal potential would change to strongly positive while the back of the head potential went negative. During hypnosis the frontal potential appeared to go neutral or zero. This moment of neutrality is extremely fascinating as it’s clear based on DMT Quest’s pieces that both slow  (theta/delta) and fast (high beta/gamma) waves have been observed during hypnosis (as well as meditation and REM sleep). This leads us to believe that there is the possibility of extremely rapid shifting from positive to negative in what might be characterized as “phase-locking” via EEG terminology. It’s obvious that the frontal potential of the brain can’t be both strongly positive and strongly negative at the same exact moment.

In 2013, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published an article titled “Rhythmic alternating patterns of brain activity distinguish rapid eye movement (REM) sleep from other states of consciousness”. A summary of the paper stated: “Supporting the view that the functional integrity of the default mode network (DMN) reflects “level of consciousness,” we observed functional uncoupling of the DMN during deep sleep and recoupling during REM sleep (similar to wakefulness). However, unlike either deep sleep or wakefulness, REM was characterized by a more widespread, temporally dynamic interaction between two major brain systems: unimodal sensorimotor areas and the higher-order association cortices (including the DMN), which normally regulate their activity. During REM, these two systems become anticorrelated and fluctuate rhythmically, in reciprocally alternating multisecond epochs with a frequency ranging from 0.1 to 0.01 Hz. This unique spatiotemporal pattern suggests a model for REM sleep that may be consistent with its role in dream formation and memory consolidation.”

1998 study in the European Journal of Neuroscience would measure the direct current (DC) changes in the brain during sleep. The study observed that the majority of sleep is spent in a prolonged gradual positive shift during non-REM sleep cycles, a steep positive shift indicating transition to REM, and a REM-negative slope.

(Figure 5 from the 1998 study)

It seems as though humans naturally experience an alternating/oscillating current every night during REM sleep. In the 1998 study it seems as though the positive shift increases extensively just prior to REM and then shifts to millisecond alternating currents that drifts negatively. Perhaps this can provide explanation of the alternating/oscillating currents necessary to produce the electromagnetic field needed for the transference of a signal through the air. DMT Quest feels as though there is significant overlap between the physiological fluctuations and mechanisms of sleep/REM alongside the various forms of altered states mentioned earlier.
(Strongest Positive Frontal Charge = Delta Waves (0-4Hz))
(Strong Positive Frontal Charge = Theta Waves (4-8Hz))
(Strong Negative Frontal Charge = Beta Wave (15-30Hz)
(Strongest Negative Frontal Charge = Gamma Wave (>30Hz))


It’s quite well known that the slower EEG waves correlate with deep levels of relaxation and a calm mind. It would seem that all the techniques mentioned above (WHM, hypnosis, meditation, rhythmic breathing) induce deep levels of relaxation/sedation that coincide with increases in slow wave (theta/delta) amplification. However, this within itself would be insufficient to induce the oscillating current as it would lead to a dominant positively charged frontal potential. It seems as though the vivid visualization aspect could provide the “focus based” fast wave (Beta/Gamma) formation and negatively charged frontal potential that coincides with a “rapidly oscillating electric current” as described in the WiTricity video. I’ve had this theory that during deeply relaxed states, your nervous system shifts from sensory input (from the 5 senses) to the potential for intent-based output coinciding with the measurable changes in DC direction.

In the description(s) of the mechanisms of wireless charging, copper wiring is consistently cited as the material utilized to create the magnetic field. A 2016 study published in the journal Science observed that alterations in the ionic composition of interstitial brain fluid controlled the level of consciousness in mice. They found that arousal was correlated with elevated levels of Potassium [K+] concomitant with decreases in extracellular volume of Calcium [Ca2+], Magnesium [Mg2+], & Hydrogen [H+]. The opposite ionic balance and extracellular volume would coincide with sleep. It was observed that changing extracellular ionic composition in sleeping mice could effectively convert their EEG pattern to that of wakefulness.

1988 study in the journal Synapse observed the potential mechanisms for neurosecretion of copper. It was observed that increased potassium levels in extracellular fluid caused depolarization of the neuron and subsequent release of copper. The study also cited that the levels of copper in the brain are 1000% greater than levels found in the blood suggesting an active copper uptake/accumulation process in the brain.

Changes in levels of consciousness coincide with changes in the ionic composition of interstitial brain fluid which subsequently influences the release of copper in the brain. This would seem rather important as we attempt to overlay the potential physical correlates in the body with that of the materials utilized for wireless charging of electronic devices. An extensive review of copper’s role in the central nervous system and brain was provided in the journal Frontier’s in Aging Neuroscience.


Magnetite (Fe3O4) is one of the oxides of iron and is considered to be the most magnetic of all the naturally occurring minerals on Earth. Magnetite is also ferrimagnetic, meaning that it is attracted to a magnet and can be magnetized to become a permanent magnet itself. A 1992 study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences observed the never before seen properties of magnetite in a variety of tissues in the human brain. In 1992, the journal  Bioelectromagnetics Supplement would also publish an article regarding the role of magnetite in human tissues. In this review the author would state the following in regards to the ferrimagnetic properties of magnetite: “Gram for gram, these properties make magnetite interact over one million times more strongly with external magnetic fields than does any other biological material.”

While the biological influences of magnetite seem immense and quite complex, we will stay within the framework of discussing it’s properties in relation to telepathy. The ferrimagnetic properties of magnetite seem quite pertinent in creating the necessary magnetic flux that coincides synchronously with rapid oscillations of electric currents to create the proper magnetic field.

In the wireless charging descriptions in both the WiTriCity video and Dr. Allain’s Wired article, they would describe the creation of magnetic flux without magnets by utilizing wiring with alternating/oscillating currents.

The WiTriCity description describes the differences between resonant inductive coupling (near field wireless transmission) and highly coupled magnetic resonance (long range wireless transmission). Based on my observation of successful telepathic transfer it seems as though there could be a combination of both forms of transmission as the receiver does not need to initially exude the exact same brain activity/frequency as the sender in order to receive the information accurately. It seems as though the sender can generate a strong enough magnetic field which can influence the receiver to automatically receive the electrical current ala resonant inductive coupling. This would then cause the receiver to potentially exude moments of synchronous brain activity with the sender and subsequently receive the accurate information ala highly coupled magnetic resonance.

This excerpt from Dr. Allain’s Wired article is interesting… “If you replace a moving magnet with a wire that has alternating current, you are all set. The changing electric current in one wire makes a changing magnetic field. This changing magnetic field then induces an electric current in another loop. Also, the more loops you have (in both coils of wires) the greater the effect.”

In terms of producing a “greater effect” as it pertains to a person… it would seem that increases in the neurosecretion of copper during altered states of consciousness might provide an insight. In addition, the deeper the frontal positive signal coinciding with ultra deep delta waves and the greater the negative signal coinciding with a ultra fast gamma waves in alternating fashion might also provide another perspective.

If one were to design an experiment to test this theory of telepathy/wireless charging overlap, we would utilize equipment such as electroencephalogram (EEG), magnetoencephalography (MEG), DC (direct current) measurement, AC (alternating current) measurement, and timely blood samples throughout the process. The blood sample would be utilized to measure hormonal/neurotransmitter fluctuations that coincide with the altered electrical activity and successful thought transfer. Biologically speaking… it seems clear that humans appear to possess the necessary tools in terms of magnetic material (magnetite), metal conductor of electricity (copper), and the alternating electrical current capability (phase-coupling) to successfully partake in wireless communication with each other.

According to the book Pathophysiology, blood pH directly influences the activity of the central nervous system (CNS). A more acidic blood pH correlates with a more depressed (less sensitive) CNS while a more alkaline blood pH correlates with a more excitatory (more sensitive) CNS. Being that the nervous system is the layer of the body that is deemed primarily responsible for our ability to perceive our external environment, it would seem that a more sensitive CNS would coincide with the ability to potentially perceive subtleties that a depressed CNS wouldn’t. As we’ve covered quite extensively at DMT Quest thus far, respiration rate plays the dominant factor in influencing blood pH with levels as high as 7.75 observed in venous blood from the 2014 PNAS study involving Wim Hof & WHM practitioners (“normal” is considered between 7.3 to 7.4.)


Being that some of the methods utilized to induce natural altered states of consciousness do not emphasize respiratory exercises (hypnosis/self-hypnosis), there lies the potentiality that certain aspects of nervous system sensitivity are dictated by slow wave EEG amplification.

Let us continue with our finalization of the telepathy “training wheels”.

Now that you have successfully practiced the exercises (Step 1-6) from up above, you are now ready to experience the actual transference of an image/thought to the recipient. You will need a pen and paper for this exercise.

​Step 7. Take a piece of paper and write down 5 categories. Example: fruit type, car brand, number between 1 and 20, animal species, and type of food. Hand this piece of paper to the recipient.

Step 8. Duplicate the 5 categories that you gave them and write down specific examples within each of these categories. Example: fruit – green apple, car brand – toyota, number 11, animal species – giraffe, and food type – pizza. Do not allow the receiver to see this.

Step 9. Have the receiver sit down in a chair, close their eyes, and take 3 or 4 deep breaths in and out to relax themselves. Either sit or stand across from them approximately 5-6 feet away. As in steps (1-6), outstretch your arm and point your index and middle finger at the forehead of the receiver. Visualize the warmth signal extending to your hand and past your hand until the receiver signals that they have feltphysical sensations in their forehead region.


Step 10. Now that you feel confident in your ability to send a “signal” and your receiver has confidence in being able to discern physical sensations coinciding with receiving of that “signal”, you can begin the transfer. Tell the receiver that you will be sending an image of a fruit. As the sender your job is to do 2 things… one is to send the signal from your hand to their forehead and to visualize an image of a green apple traveling from your brain, down to your hand and across the visualized electrical/energetic bridge to their forehead.

​Step 11. The tricky part is being able to retain a deep level of what I label as “passive focus” or “relaxed focus”. Build the bridge, visualize the green apple as vivid as possible and send this same image about 30 times in about 30-40 seconds.

Step 12. After you have sent the image of this to the receiver about 30 times, have them write down whatever image came to their mind most consistently on the piece of paper you gave them.

Step 13. Continue this process until you have completed the exercise for all 5 categories. Do not check whether the results were accurate until you have completed this methodology for all 5 categories. I have consistently observed that when people check for accuracy for each category, they tend to get excited when it is verified correctly and this makes it more difficult to retain success when continuing the exercise. My hypothesis regarding this transpiration is that it shifts your frontal potential from positive to negative which subsequently effects your ability to maintain an oscillating current.

Step 14. After a few rounds of utilizing this type of technique to induce telepathic transfer, you can begin to discard the use of your hand. You can instead begin to visualize the electrical signal connecting directly from your head to the head of the recipient.


(I’ve seen greater success with this practice when there is less exposure to light. It’s no secret that light has a direct effect on EEG activity that coincides with neurotransmitter/hormone fluctuations which are crucial for this endeavor. I usually tell the receiver that all they have to do is try to remain relaxed and visualize a blank, whiteboard in their mind. Usually what happens in a successful transfer is that the receiver attempts to maintain the whiteboard visualization but gets disrupted by the signal being sent. They then get flashes of the image being sent and find it difficult to maintain a blank image in their mind.)

Telepathy is nothing new… the creator of the EEG device Hans Berger created this form of brain wave measurement in 1924 to specifically study telepathic abilities.

In 1973, Dr. Stanley Krippner would publish the results of his famous “Dream telepathy with the Grateful Dead” experiment in the Journal of the American Society of Psychosomatic Dentistry and Medicine. It was a small experiment that would involve only two “receiver” participants who would sleep and were then “sent” images from 2000 attendees at a Grateful Dead concert 45 miles away. The results were statistically significant for only one of the receivers. While not the most definitive of experiments involving telepathy, I find it intriguing that someone would attempt a telepathic trial during moments of sleep.

Harmine is a component of the the plant (B. Caapi) utilized in Ayahuasca for monoamine oxidase inhibiting (MAOI) properties. Harmine was once called “Telepathine” due to the effects of this compound and perceived telepathic communication following ingestion. As we touched upon in the piece Endohuasca Magic, the human body also produces multiple types of MAOIs. One of the naturally produced MAOIs is named Harman and appears to naturally undergo a metabolic conversion to Harmine (Telepathine). Perhaps greater levels of endogenous Harmine/Telepathine (and likely DMT) coincide with successful telepathic transfer?

The question is… if we possess the electrical capabilities, the physical qualities, and biochemical soup to replicate wireless communication… why would anyone be surprised that telepathy is real?

Is it due to the indoctrination by the “scientific establishment” to convince the general public that capabilities only exist when they have been rigorously tested for decades in a laboratory setting and published in dozens of peer-reviewed journals? If so… that is a big problem and a complete lack of critical thinking. “Science” has never proven dreams exist… the field can only measure the measurable systemic, physiological changes that coincide with brain activity that we perceive to be dream moments. However, even with all the advances in technology it is ultimately up to the experiencer to verify that a dream in fact occurred.

The general problem I’ve observed with scientific analysis is that the field tends to overlook the fact that the greater the changes in the levels of consciousness, the greater the changes in literally every measurable aspect of the body (especially electrically speaking). It should come as no surprise that the average level of consciousness during our waking states provides little to no foundation for telepathic ability.

Change your physiology and your ability to tap into dormant abilities changes as well… it’s not overly complex to comprehend.

The experiment for telepathy would be extremely simple meaning that you would have the participants sit across from each other with the various brain measurement devices EEG/DC/AC, blood pressure, heart rate monitor, and a constant venous blood draw. You would measure baseline activity and compare it to successful telepathic transfer activity. I’d hypothesize that during successful telepathy you would see distinct synchronization of multiple parameters for the sender and receiver.


These are the types of measurements that we utilize to dissect dream sleep and due to the common occurrence of dreams across the globe, the scientific community has reduced dream sleep predominantly to the REM stage. As I’ve stated in pieces prior, it would seem that utilizing various light spectrum cameras might allow some insight as to the the band or wavelength in which information transfers across during telepathic transfer. We’ll never understand all the mechanisms involved in telepathy but we must start at a basic, logical starting point.

At it’s most basic… I am making the grandiose yet not-so-grandiose claim that subjects that exert significant control over their autonomic nervous systems also have reasonably easy access to telepathic capabilities.

I hope these “training wheels” have provided a transition from utilizing one’s control over your own autonomic nervous system during altered states to understanding that consciousness is not limited to one’s own brain. It is an experience that will likely change your perception of what is actually possible in this world. While telepathy within itself is not entirely important from a communicative aspect as we have access to verbal abilities and a multitude of electronic devices… it is the gateway to understanding additional layers of life.

Some nondescript fellow named Nikola Tesla once stated, “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all previous centuries of its existence.”

Perhaps that fellow was on to something…

Being that we’ve incorporated techniques to transfer “energy” not only from the brain but also one’s own hands… this could provide some insight into the various claims of energetic healers (Reiki, Qi-gong, Therapeutic Touch, Faith Healing, Reconnective Healing). This is pure speculation on my part but I suppose the only way to know for sure that a positive effect is taking place during these “energy healing” situations is to utilize equipment such as ultrasound imaging, EEG measurements, and timely blood samples. It wouldn’t be overly surprising to observe changes from these “energy healers” being that exogenous electrical fields have shown marked changes in cell membrane regulationion balancehormone release, and gene expression.

(In 2016, the Journal of Neuroscience would publish a study observing the communicative effects of endogenous electrical fields across the brain. The significance of this study postulates that neural signaling can transpire by means other than the well documented mechanisms of synaptic transmission, gap junctions, or diffusion. It was hypothesized that these electrical fields could be involved in slow wave sleep and Theta waves.)

DMT Quest is a non-profit 501(c)3 dedicated to raising awareness and funds for endogenous DMT Research. This specific field of psychedelic research has been underfunded for many decades now. It’s time to take our understanding of human physiology, abilities, and perception to the next level. E-mail me at with any comments or questions. You can also follow us at FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.