WHM & The Electric Body

Envision a scenario where you are taking a casual stroll in a city park. There are a handful of people exercising and stretching throughout the area. One of these people runs right by you and a second or two later you feel a small gust of wind that contains that person’s scent.

The question then arises… did the wind and the person’s scent generate the person to run? Or did the running person generate the wind and scent?

It’s a straight forward answer it seems.

In much of the discussion surrounding the “Wim Hof Method”, a great amount of precedence is being placed on changes in cellular biology, molecular biology and hormonal fluctuations. While it’s great to see scientific validation of the method, I’m beginning to wonder if too much focus is being placed on the wind (molecules) and scent (hormones) rather than the generator of the wind (electricity).

In the book “The Spark of Life: Electricity in the Human Body”Dr. Frances Ashcroft outlines the differences between electrical signaling and chemical signaling in the body.

“Nerve cells transmit information by means of electrical signals known as nerve impulses or action potentials. These race along the nerve fiber at speeds of up to 400 kilometers per hour (250 miles per hour). The fastest nerves of all are those that are enveloped in an insulating myelin sheath.”

“Transmission at electrical synapses is about ten times as fast as at a chemical synapse because no time is needed for the transmitter to be released, diffuse across the synaptic gap and bind to post-synaptic receptors.”

“The rapidity of transmission also means that electrical synapses are perfect for synchronizing electrical activity in adjacent cells, and they are found throughout our bodies. Heart cells are wired together by gap junctions to ensure they contract in concert; gap junctions link the insulin-secreting beta-cells of the pancreas so that they release insulin simultaneously; and neurons in certain regions of our brains are electrically coupled so that they fire together.”


Overall The Spark of Life is an interesting read going into great detail in regards to the historical research of the electrical mechanisms within the body, the interactions between chemical and electrical signaling, as well as the implications for us today.

In 2011, the journal of Developmental Dynamics published a never-before-seen observation at Tufts University regarding bioelectrical signaling outlining the pattern of a frog face prior to the physical formation of the frog face. This indicates a morphogenesis of sorts in which electrical signaling precedes the formation of physical tissue. It doesn’t appear that nerves or myelin sheaths dictated this morphogenic field prior to the physical formation of the frog face.

Unless I’m interpreting this observation incorrectly (which I very well could be) this is a ground-breaking discovery. While it’s clear that electrical signaling is much faster than chemical signaling, the fact that there appears to be an innate “intelligence” within the electrical frequency allowing for the formation of a multitude of vastly different cells in organized fashion is very impressive.

Nevertheless, readers of DMT Quest who have read “The Body Electric” by Dr. Robert O. Becker shouldn’t be that surprised at some of the strange observations in terms of regenerative abilities dictated by electrical signaling. In Becker’s experiments he observed a distinct change in the polarization of the brain during the regeneration of limbs of salamanders. In essence, they underwent a distinct change in consciousness coinciding with differentiation in signaling in order to initiate limb regeneration.

This is why it is DMT Quest’s opinion that the concept of studying cell biology, molecular biology, and hormonal fluctuations regarding the Wim Hof Method (WHM) are secondary to that of electrical changes in the body. It is no secret that WHM induces a significantly altered state of consciousness which coincides with distinctly different electrical activity in the brain compared to baseline. This would then potentially induce vastly different changes in electrical signaling throughout the body that then coincides with changes in chemical signaling, cellular function, molecular changes, and hormone release.

In having conversations with people from various different backgrounds, it appears as though electrical engineers are quick to understand the ramifications of WHM or any methodology that changes brain signaling activity when compared to traditional biologists. This is not to discredit the people utilizing traditional methods to study human physiology but rather the fact that there appears to be an upstream layer of electricity that comes more naturally to discuss for experts in complementary fields.
The wind and scent doesn’t move the runner… the runner generates the wind and scent.

The runner is electricity.

This is extremely important when we discuss the implications as it pertains to “supernormal” abilities as well as disease. Cell membrane potential is defined as the difference in electric potential between the interior and the exterior of a biological cell. It’s been observed that in all cancer cells, membrane potential is more depolarized than healthy cells. It’s also been observed that all cancer cells have a more hyperpolarized mitochondria than healthy cells. These are electrical signaling correlates of the traditional biological correlates of cancer cells… faulty DNA replication, gene markers, defective proteins, hormonal deficiency, etc.


It appears clear that electrical signaling can change and develop many of the biological layers within our bodies. The question is whether administering products that address these biological layers can change the electrical signaling within us and if so, for how long? This brings up the concept of traditional cancer treatments and their reasons for producing such sub-par outcomes. If the upstream constituent (electrical signaling) is not addressed in the treatment, it seems as though relapse of disease is potentially inevitable.

As the saying goes… “knots in the brain, knots in the body”. (I just made that up.)

The one question that’s always been lingering in the back of my mind in regards to spontaneous regression of cancerous tumors is the aspect of tumor lysis syndrome (TLS). This occurs during traditional cancer treatments when large amounts of tumor cells are killed off at the same time and get released into the bloodstream effectively poisoning the patient. Since this doesn’t seem to occur during spontaneous remissions, it’s somewhat amazing as to how it transpires. Perhaps the work of Dr. C. Louis Kervran outlined in the book “Biological Transmutations” can be considered in terms of the potential conversion of elements. Kervran’s work challenges some of the long held beliefs in traditional chemistry. It’s fascinating to speculate regarding the biological mechanisms of these cases coupled with the potential effects of electrical signaling. There lies the possibility that the body has an innate intelligence in terms of communication that utilizes non-toxic pathways to reverse tumor cell proliferation into normal cell formation.

The phrase “alchemical processes” comes to mind.

So… what about the few people that benefit from traditional cancer treatments leading to remission of disease? I speculate that the faulty neural pathways of these people that led to the signaling that led to the manifestation of these malfunctioning cells was significantly altered. Whether this was induced by emotional and/or physical trauma from the treatment or a combination of placebo effect that rewired the brain has yet to be determined. It’s obvious based on numerous studies that products such as chemotherapy have a distinct effect on brain activity (European Journal of Neuroscience (2012), Sensors (2013), Support Care Cancer (2014), Clinical Neurophysiology (2016)). Traditional healthcare administrators will tell you that the treatment worked as planned… if that were truly the case then they should be able to distinctly and succinctly explain why it doesn’t work for the majority of patients.

Unfortunately they cannot.

Don’t believe me? Go ask any researcher in cancer drug development or any oncologist why a treatment failed. They’ll cite advanced disease progression but if that were the case, there would never be any cases of spontaneous remission in late stage cancer.

If you believe that this is a rant against mainstream protocol of disease treatment, you are missing the entire point. This is a discussion regarding upstream factors and downstream factors. This is about the logic of a runner generating wind and scent rather than attempting to get a person to run by throwing gusts of winds and perfume at them. This is about seeing reality for what it is and surmising how we can effectively help each other learn from one another. As consumers we “one-star” mechanics that fail to fix our cars, trash cellular carriers that are not consistent with signaling, and complain about dining experiences that take too long. Yet we are seemingly comfortable with accepting inferior products from people with plaques on the wall and stethoscopes around their necks.

All in the name of “science”.

If this clown show labeled as the “election” has taught us anything it is that the amplification of the official narrative by mainstream media is hardly filled with truths. Could this false narrative actually replicate itself into other facets of the world including… GASPS… mainstream science and the media outlets that back it?
I’d have to embrace the concept of cognitive dissonance like an octopus attacking a crab to think this is an impossibility considering the amount of money and politics involved.

Coming back full circle… if the electrical signaling originates in the brain, then it would not seem illogical that creating significant changes in brain chemistry leading to positive neuroplastic effects has the potential to address many diseases. Wim Hof Method as well as other altered-state inducing techniques do just that… they just need to be studied from an electrical perspective in order to be understood more comprehensively. The aspect of “visualization” is one of science’s biggest mysteries and should be investigated with much rigor and financial backing. In Wim Hof’s most recent appearance on comedian Joe Rogan’s podcastHof emphasizes the importance of “belief”. It is my interpretation that a specific belief/intent can physically develop a specific neural pathway in the brain based based on electrical stimulation. This neural pathway is then able to generate the sustained necessary signaling to create the effect.

It’s not magic… it’s electricity.

Unfortunately for the hardcore “science-minds”… electricity happens to be so magical that we don’t fully understand it even though it was discovered hundreds of years ago. If you’ve read Dr. Gerald Pollack’s book “The Fourth Phase of Water”… we don’t even truly understand water for that matter. Yet somehow we put religious-like faith in the faceless field known as “science” to explain and understand an organism as dynamic and complex as the human body?

Oh the irony of it all…

Instead of the mantra of “have faith”… it’s the mantra of… “we need more studies”. For those that have forgotten or were never aware… the formal definition of science is as follows: “The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.”

Somehow it seems as though these polarized “science” supporters have placed 99.99% of their focus on experiments and only 0.01% on observation or experience. It’s extremely strange to witness and a very imbalanced perspective of how science truly works at best. An example would be “dreaming”… science has never proven that we dream. Entities within the scientific field have conducted studies regarding brain activity and changes within the body while we dream but “science” hasn’t proven that dreams occur. It is the mass confirmation of “dream” occurrence from billions of people that provides the general consensus that we dream periodically as we sleep.

This is not about anti-science or pro-science, it is about anti-imbalanced perspective on what actually drives the scientific narrative. Nevertheless I’m digressing…

Not one mention of DMT in this piece thus far… that’s because electricity is where the action is. DMT is just the molecular manifestation of the electrical magic within us all.

P.S. I’m sure that the majority of cancer drug development researchers and oncologists are well meaning people. Many of them are just doing their jobs as they are trained to do. Unfortunately after seeing hundreds of billions of dollars spent over the past 30 years, I tend to believe that the current approach is a failure based on faulty pathway development. However, surgical procedures seem to have progressed quite nicely over the past few decades which is largely based on technological advances rather than drug development improvements. While I believe the study of the electrical body as it pertains to the addressing of disease has much merit, I do believe that serious illnesses need to be addressed from a systemic perspective. I’m not an M.D. but I don’t think it’s preposterous to believe that diet, emotion, and eliminatory channels all play a huge role in wellness.

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(While a company called Novacure is attempting to utilize electric fields to disrupt cancer cell division, I don’t believe that this addresses the original signaling point. It’s an interesting therapy being developed but doesn’t address what we’ve outlined thus far.)